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Who We Are

Ellen's Treasure Chest is compiled of a mother and daughter duo, whose goal in life is to bring the joy they have found in God to others. They have spent many hours working on custom rosaries and cannot imagine doing anything else. 

How We Got Started

Ellen's Treasure Chest was founded in 2001 by Ellen and her daughter Jennifer. It was small and mostly custom beaded jewelery. They had made custom jewelery for proms, wedding parties and formal occasions. Only recently has the business become widespread.

The Story of Our Rosaries

In 2004, Ellen's father, Jennifer's grandfather, was diagnosed with cancer. A lot of prayers were said, but he still ended up in a coma. At that moment Ellen began working on a rosary for her father. She took it to the Catholic church in the area, Our Lady of Lourdes of Seaford, Delaware, to have it blessed. The Priest took the rosary, blessed it, and went to the hospital to say a sick prayer for him. The next day he was awake and feeling well. At that instant, they knew they had something special and began making rosaries for others.

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